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Location: Santa Teresa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.
Client: T & C.
Project Area: 480 m2
Interior Design: Salvaje Design Studio
Design Director: Arch. Jose Herrero
Year: 2023
Status: In progress


Project Description:

Casa Velera is a stunning example of how classic tropical design elements can be given a contemporary twist. The use of wood throughout the space creates a sense of warmth and comfort, while the high ceilings make the home feel light and airy. Large windows and doors connect the interior to the exterior, creating a seamless transition between inside and outside.

One of the key features of this home is the use of concrete walls and floors. The combination of this materials creates a beautiful contrast, with the rough texture of concrete finish complementing the smoothness of the wood, providing a bold and modern statement that balances the traditional wood accents with a contemporary edge.

The overall design features a tropical aesthetic with a twist. Traditional design elements and materials are used throughout the space, but with modern and unexpected details that make the home truly unique. 

In addition, all the interior spaces were designed with the concept of relaxation and rejuvenation in mind. The bedrooms feature plush bedding and soft lighting, while the bathrooms offer a spa-like atmosphere with modern fixtures and a combination of wood and concrete, creating relaxing spaces tha allow enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding environment.

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