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About Us

We know that you are thriving to have an amazing space and that’s the reason why you are here. Searching for the studio that resonates with your envision, your dreams, your personality.


Each client is different, therefore each project is unique and must respond to the characteristics of the users who will inhabit it, it has to respond to their attitude towards life. If a space doesn't have this, it has no essence, it doesn't have that spark and charm that makes people want to stay in the place.So, our ultimate goal as a design studio is to capture and reflect the uniqueness of our clients.


How do we do it?


Through a continuous design process hand in hand with the client and always keeping in view the differentiating characteristics of the users who are going to inhabit it. 


We respect the fact that each person we work with is unique, and that they have different ideas, personalities, desires and dreams. This is what fuels our passion for design and inspires us to pour our hearts into each and every project we take on.

At Salvaje Studio we design unique and extraordinary spaces with a meaning.

Design Studio


Studio team

Jose Herrero. Director of the studio

Jose Herrero F.

Architect / Interiorior Designer

As an architect, after having worked for several years in the best-known architecture and interior design firms in the country, Jose decided to take the leap and set up his architecture and interior design studio based in Costa Rica.


With the conviction that all people are different and they all have something that makes them special, Jose started this project with the premise that all the spaces designed in the studio should be unique and reflect the personality of its users.


This is how Salvaje Estudio was born, a design firm that seeks to move away from conventional and mass-produced designs. That aims to do not the ordinary but instead the extraordinary.


Maria Torres. Project Manager of the studio

María Torres

Office Manager / PR

María Torres is our office manager, ensuring excellent customer service. 

With a background in Business Administration, she always tackles issues with a smile and meticulous attention. María is known for handling challenges gracefully, leaving a lasting impression on our clients and colleagues.


Her professionalism makes her a cornerstone of our team, helping us maintain excellence in every interaction with those who rely on us

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